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The history of the axe goes way back, according to Greek mythology, invented by Daedalus (the father of Icarus, the first axes were chipped from a chunk of hard stone that was initially held in the hand and was probably used for many purposes. Eventually someone learned to fasten the stone to a wooden handle with thongs or by drilling a hole in the stone, giving him more leverage to strike a harder blow, as well as a longer reach. An axe was one of the simplest tools of mankind. However, the recreational use of axes is a relatively new and emerging sport. It is thought to have only been started a mere 15 or so years ago, purely out of boredom in a backyard in Toronto.

Axe throwing developed from messing around in the backyard, to the realization of how cathartic and fun throwing an axe can be. Point systems were quickly developed, proper targets were designed and the sport instantly piqued the interest of anyone who caught a glimpse.

There are axe-throwing locations all over the world and over 6000 league members. On any given night people are chucking axes in over 240 cities and across 19 countries. There is even a National Axe Throwing Federation (NATF) that was developed in 2016 to standardize the sport across the globe. So, safe to say the answer is YES to the question “axe throwing? Is that a thing?”

While axe-throwing at EPIC is pretty iconic, the World Axe Throwing League was established to connect the international locations. You can throw axes all over Canada, the US, Australia and New Zealand, much of Europe including Italy, Spain and Germany, Indonesia, Peru and even Kazakhstan.

How it works?

To have fun throwing axes, it takes a combination of elements. How good are the axes, the facility, the staff and the targets? No one in the GTA has targets like EPIC! Most targets are just some 2′ by 10′ boards from Home Depot that they use a big sharpie and draw some circles.

Our targets are the result of hundreds of hours of design work to create an interactive axe throwing target that is fun to throw, easy-to-stick and safer than any other in the GTA area. And with our interactive targets, you can choose from different games to play.

  • Grip the axe firmly with your dominant hand, leaving about an inch of the handle below your hand. Make sure the blade is straight and not rotated either way so that the axe flies straight upon release
  • Place your non-dominant hand firmly above your dominant hand as a guide
  • Bring the axe, with both hands, back over your head as though you were throwing a soccer ball onto the field from out of bounds. Lean back slightly so you can use momentum to throw
  • Step forward with your non-dominant foot. Bring the axe forward in a quick motion and release with your arms straight, at head level

You’ll need to throw with a decent amount of force to get the axe to stay in the target. It might feel odd at first but it just takes practice!

Once you’ve mastered the basic throw, you can move on to one-handed, under-hand, the big axe and lots of different grips (These may only be available to practice at home though – you’ve got to keep the space at Forged safe for everyone. Ask your host for details). You can even throw two axes at once!

How Safe is Axe Throwing?

While the description in itself may sound a tad barbaric, as axe-throwing became more established in the recreational world, so did the safety alongside it. Every venue and league prioritizes safety and recognizes the innate risks of literal weapon throwing. Although it might sound chaotic or unsafe, it really isn’t. The standards in which axe-throwing venues follow ensure a safe and fun experience for everyone.

If you’re still a bit wary, allow us to enlighten you to some of our many procedures in place at Forged to ensure you leave with all your fingers and toes!

  • Require to be minimum 11 years and above.
  • Only One person throws in a lane at a time, and the lanes are fenced in to prevent axes from bouncing into other alleys.
  • Only One Axe per lane
  • Person walking out of the lane never hands out Axe to next person in hand, rather they leave the Axe in wooden pocket and leave the lane.
  • Each Lane is fully enclosed on all sides and there is absolutely no chance of stray Axes.
  • All players must wear closed-toed shoes.
  • Our no bounce border systems  make our lanes the safest.

Get Your Axe and get going!

What are you waiting for? You definitely know more now than any other beginner.
Axe-throwing is perfect for a corporate party, a birthday celebration, a bachelorette party. From around $35 per person for an hour (on average, group rates apply and you also may have the option to buy out a venue), you can have a party to remember.

Axe throwing may be a brand new concept to you and your friends, but it has been emerging for the last decade and is now a well-established, internationally recognized sport, and a hell of a lot of fun.


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